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Charitable Gambling at Nisswa American Legion


If you’d care to risk a few dollars for a chance to win some significant rewards, we offer you these three gambling opportunities:

Bar Bingo is played every Sunday afternoon beginning at 3:30 and every Wednesday evening beginning at 6:30.  Our fifteen game bingo sessions include ten regular bingo games involving five in a row or four corners for bingo.  There are also three special games, the big X, the 9-pack and double the hard way.  All of the above costs you $1 for a sheet of three games.

We also have two progressive games that have become quite popular with our faithful bingo customers. Game number nine is a progressive Big Diamond.  This game starts at $300 and goes up $10 each bingo session until won or until the pot reaches $500. This game costs players $2 for a sheet of three games. Winners in the past month have taken home $320 having won in 25 numbers, $320 in 27 numbers & $420 in 29 numbers.

Our progressive coverall is the last game of the session.  It starts at $300 and increases $50 each session until the pot reaches $1,000.  This game costs players $3 for a sheet of three games. In order to play this game players must play all of games 10 through 14. This past month the $1,000 prize was claimed by one of our frequent Summer visitors. Her bingo came in 51 numbers.

Every now and then we’ll have a special meat bingo where the prizes are meat rather than cash.  Our next meat bingo will be on Thursday November 18th beginning at 6:30 PM.  Winners will be able to take home hams and turkeys.

Pull-tabs are very popular with our gambling customers.  We feature a variety of $1 and $2 games.  The pull-tab booth opens each Monday through Saturday at 11 AM with four pull-tab games to choose from.

On Sundays the pull-tab booth opens at noon. During the peak tourist season the pull-tab booth remains open until 12 mid-night. During off season periods, the pull-tab booth may not be open in the late evenings but pull-tabs will be available at the bar.

We have a very popular meat raffle every Friday afternoon beginning at 4:30 PM and lasting until about 6:30 PM.  Many of our regular customers come in to participate in the meat raffle and stay for our Friday night dinners.